Friday, February 28, 2020

Causes of the War by Tim Cooke

The story was about slavery that the people were from the Northerners. There were 3.5 million black slaves in the south. They had a good economy for the society that they had. They published really good books and they held lectures about the evils of the slavery. They had free soldiers for the Congress to fight for their constitution. They were free Solders that destroyed the slavery that abolitionists the constitution. After that the Mexican War had been ended at list 1848 and the slavery and the slavery had began again and there was a big problem with the constitution. The task ended by a person who killed Lincoln was named John Wilkes Booth at the Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. After that he’d died the next day because John Wilkes shot him and he couldn’t survive.

The book inspired me because it was a really interesting book and I like to learn more about History because history is the first subject that I like. History talks about the revolution that happened so long ago. The history books teaches people about the old times that happened in 1864- 1999. My friends like to read History books because it inspires them to enjoy what they read and for them to learn something from history. History is my and my friends favorite because how interesting and how fun history is. History can be useful for the future when people grow they can know that what happened long time ago to the War. The civil war began a long time ago that they destroyed the black slavery.

by anonymous, Grade 11
Casa Verdugo Library

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Fairy Tail: Volume 12 by Hiro Mashima

As we know from the previous chapters, Jellal was a childhood friend of Erza until when they both became mortal enemies during Volume 11. The goal Jellal wishes to achieve is to bring an evil dark wizard back to life. The thing about this cruel wizard is he truly wants to destroy Erza among every one of the guilds. Not even Lucy who has her celestial powers growing very slowly. The members of Fairy Tail always have their unique types of magic such as the Etherion. This is a very powerful type of magic created by the Council but once it is set free, everyone is guaranteed to die which is something Jellal doesn't want for himself. Shall he proceed to his heartless actions?

I may not have liked today's story but I have to admit this was very sad reading. I saw a lot of battle and death in the graphics. Although, I liked how the author decided to foreshadow something that it may not what it seems to be. It was kind of like having clickbait being used but in the manga. When I picked up this volume in the pile of the rest of my other volumes of Fairy Tail from my living room, the cover seemed to represent something really dark and somewhat mysterious. It has a navy blue background being used with some shades of maroon and black. I thought this volume is one of the most emotional ones I've read in the past few ones. I think anyone could read this particular volume since this volume doesn't have anything weird or oddly ironic. Mainly sad scenes in these chapters.

Reviewed by Hannah Rachel, Grade 10
Central Library

Monday, February 24, 2020

Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore

James has just met his hero. Dave Moss, a legendary Cherub, and a superstar on campus, Dave Moss is the guy that James has been looking up to since he's been there. Now, just days after they've met, they must break a kid out of prison. This kid is the son of an international weapon smuggler, and Cherub is hoping to bring them down. The criminal in question is an American black market arms dealer that has crossed onto British soil. Will Dave, James, and Lauren be able to take down Jane Oxford?

This book is midway between top tier Cherub books, and bottom tier Cherub books. While all of the books in the Cherub series are always good on the first read, some of them get less enjoyable the more times you read them, and I think this book is just okay after the first couple reads. I would definitely recommend this book If you are at all interested in the Cherub series, and I would also recommend this book if you're just looking for a good semi- realistic book to read. The whole Cherub series is a blast to read, so i highly recommend that you do.

Reviewed by Julio B., Grade 10
Central Library