Monday, April 8, 2013

The Warlock, by Michael Scott

The Warlock, by Michael Scott, is the fifth book in the series of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel which continues the story of the two twins of legend, Sophie and Josh Newman, that are on they're quest to learn all elemental magics and retrieve the ancient codex Dr. John Dee had taken from Nicholas Flamel, the guardian. The book begins with Josh being kidnapped by Dee and his semi-faithful servant Virginia Dare. She proposed the magic of Air to Josh and ,unknowingly and under her spell, accepted. Sophie, Nicholas and Perenelle, Nicholas' wife, went to acquire help from Tsagaglalal, a powerful enchantress and wife of legendary King Gilgamesh. She also offered Sophie the final magic of Earth, leaving Josh behind. Meanwhile, Dee secretly plans to betray Dare and use Josh to summon the Dark Elders, a race of immensely powerful and intelligent beings, to destroy all worlds. Keep in mind Josh still has the two torn pages to the codex, which are t he final ingredients for the final summoning. Will the gang rescue Josh? Can Josh be freed of Dee's trap? Will this be the end of all reality as we know it? All answers will be revealed in the book.

My opinion of this book was pretty good. As mentioned in my last review for The Necromancer, I kept high hopes for this book. I liked how they kept the same elements as the previous book, but it didn't feel the same. By now, this book would be loved by the people already in the series. Honestly, this particular book wouldn't make sense if one just read as a new reader of the series. This book made me reflect a little less than the previous and I thought more of the story than the message, but I digress. I had tons of fun reading the five books, and I am aware of the final sixth book of the series, although I plan to come back to this series a bit later. Personally, I could never finish a series without taking a break from it and experiencing other novels. I don't see this as a goodbye, but more as I'll be back. However, I should not stop others from reading the sixth book, I'm very certain it is amazing judging from th e other books in the series. It's been great and hopefully, other novels will be posted besides the current series.

Reviewed by David, grade 9.
Central Library

The Other Boy, by Hailey Abbott

"The Other Boy" by Hailey Abbot,  is about a spoiled girl who has everything every girl wants. Rich parents, a wonderful house, a gorgeous boyfriend. Everything is going well until her Dad makes her go to a farm-kind of a place to do work! She hates working, of course. She got everything she wanted without working, but now she has to learn. The first day of that farm she calls "hell", she meets a nice guy who helps her to get used to the new place. After being very good friends, they develop feelings for each other and the book ends at a very happy note.

This book is the most fun and "girly" book I've ever read. It's considered Romantic Comedy. I just love that kind of books and movies. This book will never let you be bored. I think girls will enjoy it more, because the narrator is a girl and she describes all the feelings she has at the moment and I think us, girls can relate to them. The best part is that she falls in love with a new guy and realizes that her spoiled boyfriend is not as good as this guy. Maddie, the narrator becomes a better person after all these adventures and I think this book teaches us that happiness is NOT only in being rich and having everything given to you without working to get it.

Reviewed by Iren, grade 9.
Central Library