Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beautiful Music For Ugly Children, by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Beautiful Music For Ugly Children, by Kirstin Cronn-Mills revolves around a girl named Liz or shall I say a boy named Gabe. He is in his senior year and close to graduation. He has his own DJ radio show where he can actually be Gabe and be proud of who he is. He begins to embrace Gabe, as he calls it, "his B side", right after high school, and goes through hardships along with his best friend Page, his neighbor John, and his family, who have yet to come to terms with who he is. 

The title alone got me interested. It's that type of book that I have never encountered before and I loved it. It showed me the bonds of friendship, the acceptance of family, and how much hatred there is in the world along with how much love that equals it. It made me think that no matter what, people will still love you for who you are. I believe this book may or may not be an eye opener for some people who have very strong opinions against transsexuals, lesbians, gays, and bi-sexuals. It may even change their views to be accepting of others. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, it's amazing.

Reviewed by Anahit T., grade 12
Glendale Central Library

Monday, July 14, 2014

Season of Secrets, by Sally Nicholls

Season of Secrets, by Sally Nicholls, is about a girl named Molly who moved to the country to live with her grandparents and sister Hannah. One night her sister Hannah wakes up and comes to her and asks to leave because the place is they live is old and boring. Molly tries to convince her not to leave but they both run off into the night and Hannah leaves her and runs home to grandparents. Molly finds a man that is being chase that says run away and be safe. She runs back to her grandparents house and the next day she sets out to find the man. When she finds him she gives him food and become friends. She finds out he has magical powers because he is able to grow a plant in his hand and transfer it to the ground. Molly also discovers that he is hiding from the Holy King who was chasing at the night she was running away. What would the future hold for Molly, her family, and the magical man?

In my opinion, this story is very dramatic. The main character Molly must find a way to move on with the way her life is going and must overcome the obstacles. The seasons in this story reflect a new beginning. In the beginning life is hard for her since she is forced to move away from her original life. I enjoyed this book because it teaches us that life has its ups and downs and we must learn to overcome the difficult times. As her life progresses she meets a magical man that gives her life hope and meaning. I really enjoyed this book because Molly's gives the life lesson to the reader to learn and accept life as it is.

Reviewed by Tiffany, grade 8
Grandview Library