Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Duma Key, by Stephen King

Edgar Freemantle was a successful, wealthy contractor until a tragic construction accident took his right arm, his career, and almost his life. After the accident, his marriage falls apart, and with the advice of his doctor, he decides to leave Minnesota to regroup. Although he doesn't know exactly why, the location he chooses is Duma Key, Florida. Once there, he discovers an inexplicable interest in and talent for drawing, and is soon churning out several paintings a week. After meeting Elizabeth Eastlake and Wireman, however, he realizes this talent does have an explanation, and that his art may be trying to send him a very sinister message. Despite the almost 700 pages of writing, Duma Key basically goes nowhere. It could have been cut in half, and all of the necessary, interesting details and plot would still have been in the story. In short, the book wasn't terrible, it was just mediocre. True Stephen King fans would be very disappointed.

- Reviewed by MarinaDW, grade 10.