Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sword Song, Bernard Cornwell

  In the book Sword Song, by Bernard Cornwell , Uhtred is serving King Alfred,by garrisoning one of the forts that will protect Wessex from the Danes when he learns that two powerful Norse leaders take control of London. The two Norse leaders try to convince Uhtred to help them but Uhtred declines to save the life of his friend. At this time Alfred plans to attack London and decides Earl Aethelred of Mercia should spearhead the assault. Aethelred is incompetent so Uhtred captures the city despite his orders not to attack. After that Aethlred mounts a seaborne assault at the remaining Danes. The attack is a complete failure and he looses his wife, Aethelred, daughter of  King Alfred, to the Danes. Alfred is distraught at the threat to his daughter and is willing the ransome her from his foes. Uhtred is sent to negotiate the price and terms with the Norse leaders. Whilst in their camp he learns that one of them is in love with Aethelred, whereupon they wish to run away together. Uhtred supports this plan without telling Alfred. When they try to sneak her out the plan goes horriblely wrong . Read Sword Song to find out what happens.
  The fourth book of the Saxon Tales, Sword Song, by Bernard Cornwell is one of the most amazing. Like all of Cornwell's books the accounts and details are histrocially accurate, and Cornwell combines known facts with invented characters, a few of which may actually have existed and creates a work that is more histroical than fiction. Like all of his books I was deeply impressed with this one and I would happily give it a 10/10.

- Reviewed by P.G. , grade 9

Monday, March 5, 2012

Heretic, by Bernard Cornwell

In the book Heretic, by Bernard Cornwell Thomas of Hookton travels south into Gascony and to a final confrontation. The novel begins with the fall of Calais, and most of the events occur in the subsequent truce. As Thomas travels south to look for the Holy Grail he finds only Death and Despair, Deceit and Abuse. Thomas and his companions capture a city and use it as a home, scouring nearby villages for food, and looking for the grail along the way. His friends lose their loyalty but Thomas holds true, and in the end he is besieged by his own friend. In this battle he somehow finds the Grail but, he discovers that this is not the real Grail and that someone was trying to forge it. Read to find out how and if Thomas finds the most priceless religious artifact in the world.

  The last book in the Archers Tale Series this one was as good as the ones before. Very captivating but gruesomely realistic, in terms of betrayal and deceit. This book like the other ones was very good and I would give it a 10/10 and cannot compare it to any other that I have read.

-Reviewed by P.G., grade 9

A Long Long Way, by Sebastian Barry

In the wonderfully written book, A Long Long Way, by Sebastian Barry introduces an innocent Irishman, Willie Dunn. After meeting the girl of his dreams he signs up for the army to fight on the fronts of WWI. He quickly makes friends there and is sent back on leave to a much missed father and three sisters. When he is told to  reenter the war his regiment is turned back towards the city of Dublin,  the Irish capital were a rebellion starts. Willie is too stunned to kill his fellow Irishmen, as are his fellows but, when a rebel points a revolver at him, Willie Dunn shoots him. After this his regiment is sent back to the front. Soon he is given another leave and when he comes back, he is no longer welcome in his fathers house, for the man he killed was a friend of his fathers. Poor Willie visits the girl of his dreams only to find that she has already married to someone else. Soon Willie is abandoned and the only thing he can do is continue to fight the war.

  Personally I believe this book was completely amazing. Thorough, historically accurate, and and incredible tail of bravery and courage, A Long Long Way is a book I recommend to everybody. Although it is very sad when Willie is left alone, I believe that this was one of the best book that I have read in a long time. I would give it a 9/10 rating.

By P.G. , grade 9