Monday, November 16, 2015

Love Lucy, by April Linder

On a backpacking trip through Europe, on the summer before Lucy Sommersworth will attend a private college, she is struck by the beauty of many things in Florence, Italy. To name a few, Lucy adores the culture of the city, the architecture of the buildings, and her new favorite type of food; Italian. Then the handsome street guitarist that works at the place she's staying at catches her eye. By the name of Jesse Paladino, a tourist himself from New Jersey, he has been staying in Italy for way longer than he planned. What will happen when Lucy's traveling buddy is starting to cause confrontations and Jesse starts sweeping Lucy off her feet? 

In part two of the book, Lucy's back in her home town already settled into the college which she can't seem to get used to. Convinced that Jesse was just a summer fling, she can't come to the realization that some relationships are meant to last longer.

The greatest summer novel any teenage girl with dreams of love and travel can read is right at your fingertips! Bound to sweep you off your feet, the tale of just another teenage girl with high hopes and overbearing parents is highly relatable. I recommend Love Lucy, by April Linder, to anybody in their teens that wants a tour of Europe and a whimsical romance right in their hands. This story is meant to inspire people to follow their heart and guides teens through making those very tough decisions in life.

Reviewed by Alexis K., Grade 10
Montrose Library

Excelsior! The Amazing Life of Stan Lee, by Stan Lee and George Mair

Varieties of comic books can become a destination for fantasy, action or just a relaxing moment for nearly any age. Who among all the comic writers out there is the king of the comic book world? Why the great Stan Lee of course! Excelsior! : The Amazing Life of Stan Lee is an intriguing book written by George Mair about the biography of Stan Lee. This book balances telling the story of Stan’s early life in a good pace without leaving major gaps. Also, it addresses the rollercoaster ride the comic industries go through during that time and how comics became popular around the globe.

Mair’s thorough writing didn’t miss a moment of Stan Lee’s life which in some way may have affected his future or was simply interesting. One of the reasons why Excelsior! The Amazing Life of Stan Lee, by Stan Lee and George Mair, is a little more special than any other biography books is because how Mair doesn’t only focus on the dramatic or tragic parts. He goes a little more beyond and tells the humorous parts of the comic genius’s life. Altogether Mair told the story of Stan Lee’s harsh and humorous life, and how he rose high up later just like the comic book heroes.

Reviewed by A.M., Grade 10
Glendale Central Library