Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sundays at Tiffany's, by James Patterson

Sundays at Tiffany's, by James Patterson, is about an eight year old, Jane Margaux, who has an imaginary friend named Michael. Because she rarely spends time with her mother other than their weekly trips to Tiffany's, Jane spends her time cherishing every moment she can with Michael, but little does she know, Michael plans on leaving her on her ninth birthday. A few years later, Jane is a proper young lady, who works under her mother at the same company. Coincidentally, she meets someone, and it turns out his name is Michael. Could it be fate that brought him back to her? James Patterson's book, Sundays at Tiffany's was a sweet romance that kept me reading. I enjoyed the simplicity of the book and how he incorporated the fantasy of an imaginary friend into the story's plot. I recommend teens to read this book if they are seeking a novel filled with laughter and romance.

-Reviewed by C.L., grade 9.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Beauty Pop Vol.1, by Kiyoko Arai

The first volume of Beauty Pop, by Kiyoko Arai, is set in Japan where there is a high school girl named Kiri Koshiba. She has a talent, she is a very gifted hairstylist. Her father was a legendary hairstylist long ago. Also, there is another student named Narumi that dreams to be the top beautician in Japan. He has a group named Scissors Project with two friends, Kei Minami, who is in charge of the hall arts in the group, and Kazuniko Ochiai, who has every information and calculations about everything. School is always normal as Narumi shows off, Kei eats snacks, and Ochiai doint researches. No one in the school knows yet that Kiri can give a little magic to someones hair. One day, Narumi meets Kiri and gets all fussy about her and makes a scissors project the next day. A project where they choose a girl and make her up, but at that same day, Kiri gave a little magic to her friend Kanako. Her hair was really beautiful after the haircut. When the S.P. (scissors project) saw that, they were shocked. Narumi thought there was a challenger in the school and so they set up a verse, not knowing who the other person is. Her initial becomes "X." Ochiai finds out before, but not the others so he made the plan of the project. Kiri disagreed at first, but she actually came to the project and was versing Narumi. Only one minute left when the finishes are done, and no one knows who won yet.

This book shows very a very interesting life about Japan hairstyling. This book gave me real interests in hairstyling. I think this book would be a great book to read. I really enjoyed reading this book. This is my opinion.

-Reviewed by Anonymous, grade 9.