Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pursuit of Happyness, by Chris Garden

The Pursuit of Happiness by Chris Gardner serves as a memoir of his life. Chris Gardner was a committed father trying to make ends meet. His wife leaves him to get a job in New York. Chris and his son (also named Chris) are left homeless in the streets of San Francisco. He got lucky when opportunity struck. Chris got a chance to join a program. At the end of the program, one of them would get a chance to become a stock broker. Despite having no experience nor a college degree, he kept trying and never gave up. The Pursuit of Happiness is a wonderful book for adults and teens. The book is a perfect example of overcoming your troubles to be successful. Chris Gardner's story gives you hope that you can make something out of nothing. This book is great because it makes you laugh, smile, frown, and cry all withing its pages.

-Reviewed by B.K., grade 9.