Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Musician's Daughter, by Susanne Dunlap

The Musician's Daughter, by Susanne Dunlap, is a beautifully written historical fiction novel by Susanne Dunlap that describes the adventures of the daughter of a prestigious violinist. Set in Vienna, Austria during the time of Franz Joseph Haydn, a 15-year-old girl named Theresa Maria discovers her father to be dead on Christmas Eve and with his violin missing. She is determined to solve the mystery because she can hardly believe anyone would kill her beloved father. With her adventures, she discovers a secret life her father is leading. He is aiding to the cause of freeing the Hungarian Serfs and he, along with many other fellow musicians and friends must deliver important documents showing the mistreatment of serfs by their masters and any nobles to the Emperor. Theresa also gets affiliated with the outcast Gypsy's who help her along the way. Her aristocratic, mischievous uncle and his involvement add tension as to whether Theresa's father's mission will ever be reached.
This novel does not only radiate suspense, but also offers romance. I am a musician at my school and I was attracted to this book for its musical subject as well as history. One who lacks any classical musical instruction may find some parts difficult to understand for it refers a lot to musical terms. Nonetheless, this book was very captivating and is a valuable source in European history. I think anyone who enjoys danger, music, romance, and suspense will find this book very exhilarating to read. I recommend this book to youthful ages below twenty-five.-
-Reviewed by Maryann, grade 11.

In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote

In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, Dick and Perry were friends from prison out on parole. However, they are soon sent back to prison, this time on a death row. The Clutter family is respected and prosperous. And Mr. Clutter is prominent figures in the Holcomb, Kansas community, while Mrs. Clutter is ill. Nancy Clutter (16) and Kenyon Clutter (15) are intelligent, well brought up, and popular children. However, the Clutter family is buried in 1959 after being murdered. The investigators and detectives are unable to discover the culprits and are about to give up. Meanwhile, Dick and Perry drive across the US and even go to Mexico. After a former prisoner-friend of Dick informs the officials that Dick was behind the murder, they search for them and eventually find them in Las Vegas.

This non-fiction story is a must read and a page turner. It was interesting and deeply analysed the emotions and thoughts of the murderers, the Clutter family, and the members of the Holcomb community. I recommend it to everyone looking for something interesting to read.
-Reviewed by Manuk, grade 9.