Monday, September 28, 2015

Nana Volume 3, by Ai Yazawa

The wacky adventures of the two Nanas finally starts as they settle in their cheap little place and tighten up any way they can to save a few bucks here and there. Considering their personalities from two different worlds, their unlikely friendship becomes more funny and bonding. Both Nanas peek a little more deeper onto the other one’s lives and discover more about each other. While doing so, they try to give a helping hand in any way possible. Nana Osaki is finally in contact with her former band Blast while Nana Komatsu begins to fall in boyfriend trouble.

Finally things are heating up in room 707 with Demon Lords of the bad luck. It is much better to see some action going on after the lackluster volume two. Both Nanas arrange a decision which can either elevate themselves to a better position or knock them down because of their stubborn pride. I think the best part of the manga series Nana Volume 3, by Ai Yazawa,  was seeing these two energetic and hopeful young ladies deal with a realistic struggle and how they manage to cope with it all the way with each other and with their friends.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 11
Glendale Central Library