Monday, January 11, 2016

The Oxford History of The French Revolution, by William Doyle

The style of throwing in a few characters and their viewpoints to spice up the book really kept my interest alive. We are able to see how internal and external conflicts push to crash either the revolutionaries or the counterrevolutionaries immensely. The uplifting bellicose in France introduces us to people like Maximilian Robespierre and Marie Antoinette whose outrageously fanatical actions rose my curiosity and interest even higher. Everything starts off presenting a great introduction and keeping it all colorful until napoleon comes to power and the revolution reaches an end.

The spark of a revolution can become the ultimate milestone or the devastation flowing through all the lives of a nation, especially for the French. What better way can that history be told than by the scholarly words of Doyle who presents the revolution of France in a historic narrative. The Oxford History of The French Revolution, by William Doyle, is worded wisely by the brilliant author William Doyle who handles to present the story in a not too sketchy nor too detailed manner. Also, he hits the target to keep the story basic while keeping the reader’s mind interested.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library