Monday, December 21, 2015

YOLO, by Lauren Myracle

Wow! This book YOLO was an amazing book to read! What was interesting about this book was that the 3 girls that were in this book, were always be texting each other. The girl's regular names are in the ()s. madmaddie ( Maddie), SnowAngel (Angela) and lastly Zoe Girl (Zoe). In this book, you will be experiencing these 3 best friends going through college! But the sad thing is, they all go to different colleges! So, they all communicate through texting each other. So obviously, in college, there are always ups and downs. For these girls it's if they can make a lot of friends, keep their boyfriends, and also, help each other through tough times. So Zoe is really curious if she will survive. I guess that you could say that Maddie and Angela agree with that. Maddie, id more a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. I don't want to keep on saying because I might be taking you to the end. Oh! 1 more thing; these girls always have 1 phrase on their minds, YOLO. Enjoy!

I loved YOLO, by Lauren Myracle! I think that if you like to be a good friend, this is the book for you! This book made me feel very good inside because of how the girls are always going to give advice to each other. Everyone out their, if you are a freshman, then go get this book! I really enjoyed reading this book because I am only in 6th grade; so now I have a general idea on what might happen to me if I was a freshman. I hope that you not only enjoyed my review, but this book, too! Bye, everyone! Have a lovely rest of your day! :)

Reviewed by Nicole G., Grade 6
Montrose Library