Friday, November 24, 2017

Book of Lost Souls, by J. Michael Straczynsk

The Book of Lost Souls, by J. Michael Straczynski is a graphic novel which is about the struggles of life for different types of people. There are six issues or as it can be said, chapters that combines the struggles of life with fairy tales. It all starts from a man called Jonathan who travels with a black and white cat to different places. The first issue starts with a woman who has lived with her husband for a long time, but her husband has been abusing her. She sees herself as a princess who everybody loves her except a dragon. The dragon sometimes wakes up and destroys everything. The princess is afraid of it, but she never leaves because the dragon has taken her love so here comes Jonathan to help her with his cat called Mystery. In other words, in real life, the dragon is her husband who has changed for a long time and isn't the one she used to love. However, she still stays with him, doing whatever he wants, only because she has the hope of her true love to be back. When Jonathan comes to help her, he asks her why she doesn't leave everything behind and go away. As he finds out that the princess is not willing to leave, he tells her to stand up and fight the dragon and let all of these to be over. Finally, she listens to Jonathan and fights the dragon, or in other word, her husband who has been abusing her. In conclusion, this book brings all of the issues we have into fairy tales and how all of these can be defeated and be over only if we are willing to. The princess defeating the dragon was only the first issue which has been mentioned here. There are five more issues that Jonathan and his cat go for them to solve.

I really liked the book, both its art and story. The author has brought today's life into fairy tales. In my opinion, the author is trying to show the audience of how we all can solve the problems we have, no matter how tough they might be. I also liked the art of it and how it has been illustrated with so many details. I believe, this book would be good for teenagers and young adults since it's graphic novel. The good part of this book is that it can teach its audience to never give up and how to face difficulties. Also, it pictures the reality of the world and what's going on, beside of that, it brings up fairy tales which can be seen as dreams. I really recommend this book to those who are struggling with life a lot and need a motivation and also those who need to see and face the reality.

Reviewed by Orkideh, Grade 12
Downtown Central Library

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kekkaishi, by Yellow Tanabe

Yoshimori Sumimura comes from a long line of Kekkaishi, or demon hunters that utilize magical barriers. At night Sumimura reluctantly acts as a protector for the living, as his grandfather demands he continue on the family tradition even though his true passion is baking. When out fighting, Sumimura often runs into his neighbor Tokine Yukimura, the heir to the rival Kekkaishi family. The two become friends even though their families hate one another due to a dispute over succession.

Kekkaishi's story is not very original, taking some obvious inspiration from Romeo and Juliet (although Romeo and Juliet didn't involve and demon slaying). The author didn't make any risky leaps so the story isn't terrible, but it's not great either. 

The characters don't have much depth to them but they are very likable. My favorite character being the recently deceased patissier who is never named. The relationship between him and Sumimura was really cute and enjoyable, as he taught Sumimura baking techniques. 

I don't have much to say about Kekkaishi, by Yellow Tanabe, besides that, since over-all Kekkaishi just didn't have much of an impact. It w
as really mediocre.

Reviewed by Matty, Grade 12
Montrose Library