Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Uncommon Criminals, by Ally Carter

Kat has been known as being part of one of he best criminal families but in the past 2 months is known for being the girl who stole a painting from the world famous Henley. This is why it is no surprise that someone came to her and asked her to steal the Cleopatra Emerald but there is a couple problems. The famous emerald hasn't been seen in public in thirty years, anyone who finds the emerald doesn't keep it for long, and it is well known to be very cursed. She may be way over head but she is not doing it alone. The gorgeous hale and the rest of her crew will have her back and make sure she succeeds no matter what. What will go wrong?

Uncommon Criminals, by Ally Carter, is definitely no disappointment. It keeps me on edge the entire time and makes me want them to succeed. This is a really fun read and I cant wait to read other books from this author. This story makes you nervous for Kat and her team and you get nervous for them a couple of the times in the book. I love the feeling I had when I read this book and I would consider this one of my favorite adventure books. The type of person who would enjoy this book would be someone who loves the adventurous books. I highly recommend this read.

Reviewed by Mia J., Grade 12
Glendale Central Library

Monday, February 22, 2016

Glass, by Ellen Hopkins

Glass, by Ellen Hopkins, is about a girl named Kristina who goes by the name Bree but only when she is chasing her addiction which is crystal meth. "Bree" has a son named Hunter who is soon taken away from her by her mother. Bree soon leaves with her new boyfriend Trey who is also an addict. They soon run into trouble with the police and from there its a new rollercoaster with her new boyfriend Trey when she finds out she is pregnant with his baby.

I liked that she is this girl who was never the way she is now. She builds her life for her son and then in the matter of seconds it comes crashing down the second she tries a new drug. I believe a lot of young adults would considering they can go down this road if they made a choice to do so but with this book they can stop a wrong decision from happening if they saw it from another persons views. To me, this book is inspiring because it does show you the consequences of your own choices.

Reviewed by Felicia-Maria B., Grade 12
Glendale Central Library