Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucky, by Rachel Vail

Lucky, by Rachel Vail, is a fine read for teens. This book revolves around the life of 8th grader Phoebe Avery, who with her four closest friends plans to throw a graduation party for their entire class. Phoebe's plans, however, get sidetracked when her seemingly perfect, stock market mother gets fired from her job. Phoebe ends up having to choose between her friends or her family, but at the end Phoebe learns with the help of her two older sisters and her best friend the real meaning of friendship. I enjoyed reading this book. I think many girls can relate to Phoebe because of the financial crisis of the country. However, the book did ramble on in the beginning, but it ended well. I believe this book is best geared toward middle school girls because I don't think boys would be interested in this girl's problems and it is a bit too young for high schoolers. Overall, Lucky is a fun, easy read with a good plot. - Reviewed by Nareh, grade 9. .