Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Invincible, by Troy Denning

In the book Invisible, by Troy Denning, Luke Skywalker and the rebels came up with a goal...eliminate Darth Caedus, formerly known as Jacen Solo. Newly trained Jaina Solo, daughter of Han and Leia Solo, has been given this important mission of assassinating her now disgraced twin brother. The Jedi try numerous plots to set Jaina up to destroy him, but many fail. Will Jaina succeed? Will the Moffs succeed in destroying the Hapan Alliance and their Queen? To be continued ……….

I would give the book an outstanding recommendation for its action, adventure, and epic battles. Though I would also recommend you read the ones before this book before divulging into it. Out of ten, I would give it a nine. Good reading!

-Reviewed by AL, grade 9


Anna of Byzantium, by Tracy Barrett

Jealousy, misfortune and friendship are the story of Anna Comnenus. Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett, taking place in the 11th century, is about a young princess losing her promised throne to none other than her bratty little brother. After her attempted assassination of him, she was banished by her brother, John, to live with the nuns on a cold, deserted mountain. Slivers of her memory grabbed her and pulled her into a daydream of her past life. She remembers all those her mattered to her; Simon (her real father to her), her mother (the only one who understood), Constantine Ducas (her beloved fiance) and Sophia (her best friend). Her past and the people in it are haunting her. Anna of Byzantium is a great historical book that teaches you being spoiled will get your nowhere. Many people can relate to this story because most of us fight with our siblings and take life for granted. Anna, however, takes it to the extremes when she tries to murder him to gain power over the throne. This book also shows you that you never know what you have until you lose it. I recommend this book to 7th graders because it's the beginning of the part of your life where every little fight matters.

-Reviewed by YS, grade 9