Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Halfling's Gem, by R.A. Salvatore

The Halfling's Gem, by R,A, Sakvatore, is a fantasy adventure story following Drizzt, a Drow (dark elf) warrior, Wulfgar, an immensely strong human barbarian, Catti-Brie, a human archer, and Bruenor, a dwarven fighter, who is also king of a magnificent realm recently freed from a dragon. They are traveling far South, to the desert kingdom of Calimshan, specifically its sprawling capital of Calimport, to save their halfling friend, Regis, from an assassin, Artemis Entreri, and the thieves' guild Regis used to be part of. On the way they fight pirates, sail with a famous sea captain, and navigate a great desert filled with rogues. Once in the city things don't get any easier, and the group has to fight Entreri, a group of wererats, the thieves' guild, and even a horde of demons.

I think this book was well written, and the expansion of the known world from earlier in the series (this is book three) was really interesting. It portrays self-struggle very well in both Entreri and Drizzt, and the detail is phenomenal. Overall I would say that I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys adventure and fantasy books, as it has an action packed plotline with an intricately designed world and characters.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 9
Montrose Library

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

Cath and her twin sister, Wren, are both excited about heading to college together. After their mother left them at a young age, the Simon Snow series is what got them past their childhood. They are both huge fangirls of Simon Snow, though Cath is the one that writes hit fan fictions online. Before college, Wren decides she does not want to room with her twin sister. Cath and Wren were never separated. Always being close best friends, Cath is unfamiliar with the change. Now in college, she must go through new experiences without her twin.

The book Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell, was a very good novel to read. I really enjoyed reading this book because it exposed some challenges of going college. It was interesting and fun to read because I have only known college of being a fun place where you spend the best time of your life. I liked the main character Cath because she is a shy girl who loves to read and write, similar to myself. I would recommend this book to people who like a quick but fun read.

Reviewed by R.P., Grade 9
Montrose Library