Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Empire Girls, by Suzanne Hayes

Empire Girls, by Suzanne Hayes, is a book about how two sisters Ivy and Rose live in a small town with their father. When their father passed away they find out that they have a brother. The brother lives in New York so in order to find him they go to New York where they are not used to live in. The sisters go through so many things together and through the adventure they experience romance, friendships, relationships, truths, and sacrifices. They try to do everything to find their long lost brother and his history.

My opinion on this book is that I recommended this book to everyone because truly it is a very good book and it is very sweet and cute to read. It is definitely a book that is worth reading. I think it would interest teenage girls the most because romance is a small portion of the book and it shows the bond and relationship between the two sisters. It is a long book, but mostly the book is very interesting, you can get bored for a couple of pages. Mostly it is very interesting to read!

Reviewed by TA, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Monday, April 6, 2015

TTYL, by Lauren Myracle

Wow! TTYL, by Lauren Myracle, was an amazing book! This book was like a roller coaster! The 3 girls in this book were madmaddie (Maddie), zoegirl (Zoe), and lastly SnowAngel (Angela). It was the start of 10th grade for these girls and they made a promise to not let school crazinessto get them down or split them apart. Lots of interesting things happened in this book. Angela was suspicious when Doug was hanging out with other girls besides her. Zoe was feeling a little weird because one of her teachers, Mr. H, was asking Zoe to go to places. One part of this book that really made me sad was when Maddie was hanging out with Jana; who thinks that she is Little Miss Perfect and very popular. Oh PLEASE!!! I for one, really think that this book inspired me to be loyal with my friends so that way we would not get into any major arguments. When you start reading this book, you can understand why the title is called TTYL; which means talk-to-you-later. The girls are exciting about 10th grade, but the main question is.... Will they survive?

I will be saying this again because it is so true! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I liked that this book explains a lot. It had me wanting to keep on going because of what these 3 girls can produce with one another. If you are having a great friendship with someone, (but you guys have had some ups-and -downs) this is the book for you. I believe that in each and everyone of you, is an amazing friend. My favorite part of this book was the end because you can see these girls before and after their little situation. So don't delay, go and get this book today! Bye everyone and also, have a lovely day with your family and friends :) :)

Reviewed by Nicole G., Grade 6
Montrose Library