Monday, February 17, 2014

Tiger's Destiny, by Colleen Houck

I will admit that this last book did upset me a bit. It is, or was, "supposedly" the last of the series but thankfully the author is planning the fifth and very last book in 2015. I really hope there is big change because this one was very disappointing in my opinion. It emphasizes how much of a love triangle the three are in and shows Kelsey's true colors. I realized I was not alone when I began despising Kelsey's character in this novel. Many readers and fans of the series were upset as well that she becomes such a selfish person and disregards the feelings of both Ren and Kishan. At the end I believe she chose to be with the wrong person and THAT was what upset me most.

Tiger's Destiny, by Colleen Houck, is continues with the trio, Kelsey and brothers Ren and Kishan. Ren and Kishan were previously cursed Indian princes who both happen to have an undeniable love interest for Kelsey. Kelsey seems to be very heartless and cold towards the two as she disregards their feelings and shows very little interest for anyone other than herself. She loves both brothers and refuses to let go of one or the other. She eventually chooses to be with Kishan, instead of perfect soulmate Ren. Since the beginning, each story shows the strong connection between Ren and Kelsey yet in the end she chooses to be with Ren's brother Kishan. It is as if the Twilight Saga ended with Bella being with Jacob instead of Edward Cullen. I really hope the fifth book returns Kelsey to Ren.

Reviewed by: Pamela F., grade 12
Central Library