Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Perfect Scoundrels, by Ally Carter

This book starts out and Kat and Hale are now officially dating. They are in a middle of a job when hale gets a call that makes him abandon her. He finds out his grandma hazel has died. Gabriele and Kat crash the funeral and.Kat meets the family and gets a sneak peak into the part of him she has never seen before. The place where people call him scooter and not hale. The will gets announced at the funeral and they find out his grandma has gave him the family business. Marcus offers to drive her home after and lets her know what hazel offered Marcus's sister and they think that the will was forged. She has to decide whether it is worth it to save her boyfriends company if she loses the boy.

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter is full of twists and turns. We get introduced to a weird side of hale and we are nervous about Kat and Hale's relationship the entire time. When I started reading this book I couldn't stop reading. I was entranced with the danger, the love, the stakes, and the characters. I am in love with mystery/adventure books so I fell in love instantly when I started reading. This book doesn't disappoint to leave you on your toes. Someone who loves intense adventure books with a hint of young love in it will enjoy this read.
Mia J, grade 12
Central Library

Monday, January 25, 2016

Nana Volume 6, by Ai Yazawa

In the book Nana Volume 6, by Ai Yazawa, things heat up in both lives of the members of Blackstone and Trapnest after the live concert in Hachi’s town. After coming home to Tokyo, the two bands decide to have a get together in room 707 and party through the night by playing mahjong just like their old days. Fangirl Hachi nearly faints with joy when she hears that her boyband crush Takumi will be there in her own home! Blast starts to finally earn fame in Tokyo city with the explosion of their thrilling concerts. But Nana comes into realization that all that she ever loved seems to be snatched away from her by Trapnest. First her dearest lover Ren by the lure of a better position and now Hachi by the fake love of the leader of Trapnest,Takumi

This volume of the book is one the most interesting because now all the other conflicts slowly erase and the problems seem to narrow down to Blackstone and Trapnest. The internal showdown between Nana’s Blackstone and Trapnest is well thought as Nana tries both psychically and mentally to win over the fame Trapnest has and all the happiness they are stealing from her without knowing. With the dark and lonely past Nana already has, it made me very pitiful to see Nana’s shaky and unstable life go through so many storms yet hope for a better tomorrow.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 11
Glendale Central Library