Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Truth about Forever, by Sarah Dessen

If you are looking for a medium-sized book to get you into your summer reading list, this is the book for you. The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen is subtle about the relationships a girl has during her life. Seventeen year old Macy finds herself at crossroads when her brainy boyfriend asks to take a “break” from their relationship because she said “I love you”. Due to her mother’s hectic work schedule, Macy decides to find comfort at a local catering company called Wish. And poof! Macy transforms into someone who can express her feelings and desires to someone after years. She finds herself with the help of a quirky family complete with a pregnant Delia, monosyllabic Monica, obsessed-with-everything Bert, out-of-her-mind Kristy, and quiet-but-brilliant Wes. Overall, the book is good with a strong structure and hints of sarcasm to help you keep reading. I recommend this book to anyone who is always tongue-tied like me when it comes to expressing your feelings to parents, siblings, or friends.

-Reviewed by Sayonika, grade 10.