Thursday, November 30, 2017

How Do You Build a Time Machine and Other Puzzles with Science, by Erwin Brecher

How Do You Build a Time Machine and Other Puzzles with Science, by Erwin Brecher, has studied mathematics, physics, psychology and engineering. He finds the book entertaining and fun for those who like science. The book's contents includes an introduction, puzzles and answers for the problems in the book at the very end. In this book, there are 98 pages of problems or puzzles as the book says itself which are suitable for brain training or it can be called as brain exercises. As recommended by the author, each problem is suitable to be spent time on for about a day or two. For an example, the first problem that readers are about to be challenged is about a time machine and everything about time. To find the answer, the reader needs critical thinking and a background knowledge of physics. However, at the very end of the book, readers can find their answers if they were not really able to solve puzzles. Moreover, most of this book includes problems of mathematics and physics. The interesting part of this book is when everything might seem fine and reasonable in a problem, but if reader pays close attention, she or he might find the answer without referring to the answer key. However, as mentioned earlier, most of these problems require a background knowledge of science taught in high school. 

To me, I sometimes find mathematics and physics fascinating since science is all about wonder so this book can be so entertaining for me. Unfortunately, I find this book with all of its entertaining problems, somehow annoying since it reminds me of school and homework, but it doesn't mean it is not good. I believe this book would be amazing for those who are passionate about science especially physics and mathematics. There are so many problems that can be so challenging for minds. However, some might not find it really interesting or some may find it annoying solving a bunch of physics problems. So this book is only good for those who are willing to spend their time solving physics problems. It all depends on you if you would like the book or not.

Reviewed by  Orkideh, Grade 12
Downtown Central Library

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Kill Order, by James Dashner

The Kill Order, by James Dashner, is book about survivors of a disease trying to get a young girl named Deedee. Unlike most, she is immune to the disease. Mark, Alec, Trina, and Lana must take Deedee to an organization that is trying to find a cure by testing immunes.

I think this book is well written and unlike The Fever Code, it is an independent story.  It has its own story line and it has a lot of twists and turns. If you like fiction, action, and survivalist books then I recommend reading this because that is exactly how this book is written. The characters are very likable and its i'll be honest, I was so addicted to reading this, I only put it down no more than 10 times.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 9
Montrose Library

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Champion, by Marie Lu

This book was about two teenagers, named Day and June, who live in the future society of the United States called the Republic. In this future society the United States is split into two different countries, the Republic and the Colonies. The Colonies invade the Republic and threaten to release a deadly virus onto the whole country of the Republic. Day and June are sent to do anything they can to stop the colonies, even if it means sacrificing themselves or the ones they love.

Champion, by Marie Lu, was really good but I hated the ending. I didn't like how the book ended at all and it made me mad and sad. I literally cried when I read the ending. In my opinion people who liked the Hunger Games and the Divergent series would seriously love this book. It is one of the best books that I have ever read. This book made me realize how fast a country can change and how different the future can be. We really don't know what could happen in the future and this book helped me realize that.

Reviewed by Emily, Grade 11
Montrose Library

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fever Code, by James Dashner

The novel, The Fever Code, by James Dashner is a story about the way that the maze was built. It is a prequel to "The Maze Runner" also by James Dashner where it explains how the group ended up in the maze. It shows the building of the maze and how the facility worked. The story follows Thomas as he is first introduced to the maze and all of the horrible things that he had to deal with.

I think that this story was very well written and the characters were accurate to their counterparts in the main book. I thoroughly enjoyed every page as the secrets introduced in the first book were slowly unraveled until the ending of it all. I also enjoyed how the characters were very realistic and behave as a twelve year old would behave in such situations. Over all I think that this book is very well worth your time and would be a great read.

Reviewed by Kevin N., Grade 9
Grandview Library