Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crank, by Ellen Hopkins

Crank is the first of 4 books by Ellen Hopkins chronicling her daugher's descent into drug addiction. Kristina (who later creates her alter-ego, Bree) is first introduced to methamphetamine by a local boy when she is visiting her father in Albuquerque. When she returns to her family in Reno, Nevada, she believes that her fascination with drugs was a temporary thing, but as she soon learns, drugs are much easier to start than they are to quit. Although the teen drug addiction theme has become very boring and overdone, I believe that Ellen Hopkins used a fresh, interesting approach. Crank is a very well-written, powerful book, and I would recommend it to readers of any age.

- Reviewed by MarinaDW, grade 10.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White Fang, by Jack London

White Fang, the popular 1930s book by Jack London, is one of the most addicting books I've ever read. The story is about a half-wolf female in the pack who is then taken in by Native Americans, and has more half-wolf-babies, of which just one survives. What I liked best about this book was how the author takes you into the mind of the cub, and tells you what it's thinking, from hitting its head on the wall to its first encounter with a ferret. I would tell anybody who likes dogs, wolves, or any kind of animal that can bite and has 4 legs to read this book. My favorite part of the entire book was between the cover and the back; everything about White Fang was great. There is only one thing I know nobody will like about the book: when they finish it. - Reviewed by Gamer, grade 9. .