Thursday, December 14, 2017

Scythe, by Neal Shusterman

Scythe, by Neal Shusterman, starts off with two normal teenagers when a scythe comes knocking on their doors. A scythes job is to control the population since dying is a lot less common. So if someone is chosen by a scythe to be killed, he cannot be revived. This scythe that approached both of them took them on as apprentices. But, only one can be chosen to be a scythe, the other would have to be killed by the winner.

This book was gory, had a lot of action, and was overall amazing! The only thing I did not like was a lack of exciting content, most of it was just kind of boring but it peaks up at the end. I did like the storytelling too. It made me feel like I was the main character.  I think this book will best appeal action enthusiasts mostly because of all it's fight scenes and gore. I would give this book a 9\10 and I would definitely recommend it.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 7
Grandview Library

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Johannes Gutenberg: Inventor of the Printing, by Fran Rees

He didn’t invent printing. Nor did he invent the typewriter. Yet what he invented changed the lives of the Europeans and eventually the rest of the world. Johannes Gutenberg, one of the most honorable inventors in the history of mankind, invented the printing press which sprouted the telling of tales and bloomed literacy rate like never before. In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the technique of printing with movable letters in the German city Mainz. Gutenberg’s printing press propagated literature to the multitudes for the first time and this became a dominant advantage during the glorious Renaissance age.

Johannes Gutenberg: Inventor of the Printing, by Fran Rees, is an excellent biography about the infamous Johannes Gutenberg. I had a great time reading this biography because not only did I learn about the life of Johannes Gutenberg but I also got a glimpse of the history of a shift in the print media and how it affected the masses. This biography helped me understand a crucial part of European history since the invention of the printing press changed our world and the effect of the renaissance era.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 12
Glendale Central Library