Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Dealer, by Robert Muchamore

James and a couple of his friends are asked to investigate a drug dealing organization and shut it down with agents from M15. They need to get close to the leader of the organization and the only way to do that is by getting close to his kids. James has to keep his head straight and avoid the drugs, but will he fall for them?

The Dealer, by Robert Muchamore, is an excellent squeal to the first book, fast paced and daring as ever. There are somethings about the book I wouldn't recommend anybody to read as it's about drugs. Anyone who has drug problems or has a family member with drug problems shouldn't read this as I believe it can be somewhat offensive to people that fit that category.

Reviewed by N.H., Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Contender, by Robert Lipsyte

The Contender, written by Robert Lipsyte is about a seventeen year old boy named Alfred Brooks. He has emotional and physical changes throughout his life and really doesn't know what he wants, to do. He lives with his Aunt Pearl after seeing his father die when he went on vacation, and his mother died when he was just 10. Alfred has one good friend named James. Even though they are not similar in any shape or form. They've been there for each other since they were little. James always kept pushing Alfred hard to reach his goal. Throughout the book you'll see that that course changes. James starts to be a criminal and Alfred tries to stay away as far as he can. Alfred is a high-school dropout so he wants to make money and support his family. So he decides to do something he loves. Not dancing or being a manager, but a professional boxer. He starts training at a place called Donatelli's gym where he gets better and better. Alfred tries really hard and his friends said he deserves a break. Some other boys named Major and Hollis decide to rob a store with Alfred. The same store Alfred used to work as an office clerk. He doesn't tell his best friend about the new alarm systems installed and his best friend is thrown in jail. Alfred soon gets upset and wants to get James out. However something bad happens to Alfred as well. While trying to get out James. He receives comments of racism and skin color. Alfred is African-American and we learn over the course of the story racism is a major issue. Over time Alfred get's better and better in boxing and beats an opponent. He learns to become a real Contender and as for James he begins a new life. There is more but this is just the beginning.

This book is great for any teenager. It talks about things all of us go through. Including fear, bullying, harassment, and racism. I learned that don't ever, ever judge a person by his or her's skin color but from the inside. Always believe in yourself and don't take everything seriously. Like if a friend calls you stupid. Just be cool and ignore. Something Iv'e learned a long time ago. Another thing is to appreciate what you have. Alfred didn't and he suffered. Don't be upset for every little thing because that will make you live an angry life. One most last important point. Go to school and educate yourselves and become successful in life. You'll always win and need nobody in life. Because no one can take away anything from your head. So appreciate and educate yourselves and don't think about anything else. This book has taught me this so you know it's a great book. Again the book is called "The Contender", by Robert Lipsyte.

Reviewed by Nathan J., Grade 9
Pacific Park Library 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

City of Glass, by Cassandra Clare

City of Glass is the third book in the Mortal Instruments series. Clary now knows the key to saving her mother, and the answer lies in Idris, the majestic city of Shadowhunters. The Lightwoods, Jace, and Simon all leave to Idris without her, so Clary tries to figure out a way to create a Portal and go to Idris. Luke, her guardian and father figure, comes with her, though unhappily. Soon the Shadowhunters must face Valentine as he tries to retrieve the last Mortal Instrument and destroy Shadowhunters who do not believe in his message.

City of Glass, by Cassandra Clare, is a very good read. It is a whole new plot with the same lovable characters. There is a lot of suspense and mystery, and there are many shocks that will change everything. I think this novel was the best one out of the series that I read so far. I would recommend this book to fans of the Mortal Instruments series and I would rate it an 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Rebecca S, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Now and Forever, by Susane Colasanti

Now and Forever, by Susane Colasanti,  is about eighteen year-old Sterling who is currently dating Ethan Cross, a rising star. In the beginning of their relationship, Ethan is just a boy in a band, but after an agent signs him after he sees their band playing, things just elevate from there. Soon Ethan is the star of his band, plastered on magazines, and traveling on tours around the country. How does Sterling fit into Ethan's new, glamorous life?

Overall, this book was uninteresting and dull. I read many books by this author and they were really cute, but Now and Forever disappointed. There was nothing new about the characters, just your typical teenagers who think they're in love. I would recommend this book to teenage girls looking for a quick, easy read and a cute love story, and I would give this book a 6 out of 10.

Reviewed by Rebecca S., Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynntells the story of Nick and Amy Dunne, a couple married for five years. On the morning of their fifth anniversary, Amy mysteriously disappears. Soon the police send out a notice of her disappearance and the whole town is getting attention on the media. Of course, if something happens to a wife, everyone's suspicion is aimed toward the husband. The discovery of incriminating clues along with Nick's emotionless facade soon turn the town against him and leads everyone to believe he murdered his wife.

Gone Girl is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. The author creates a brilliant, twisted plot that will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. Each character is multi-dimensional, with so many layers to unravel. Everything about the book keeps you guessing. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy the mystery and suspense genres. Gone Girl is not a read you will forget anytime soon.

Reviewed by Rebecca S., Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks

The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks, centers on Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier's amazing love story. They fall in love at seventeen years old and we watch not only them grow up, but how as their relationship grow so do the obstacles. Twenty years after they went separate ways fate brings them back together. We get to see them fight for real love, and how Dawson gives up everything for the love of his life, Amanda.

We all know Nicholas Sparks' novels are amazing, so it is obvious The Best of Me is not an exception. It is a beautiful love story and is not like any other love stories it is not predictable. The ending of the novel does have mixed reviews, but whether or not you like the ending the book is brilliant. You also have to keep in mind that his books are not fairy tales, they're reality. The Best of Me shows us a second chance in love and it is a novel you will remember forever.

Reviewed by AJ, Grade 10
Grandview Lirbary 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo

Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo, is about a boy named Colton Burpo who at the age of three when to heaven after he died during his surgery. In heaven he saw his great grandfather, who had passed away even before he was born, his sister, and Jesus. When he came back to Earth, Colton told his parents about everything he had seen while in heaven, how in heaven he sat on Jesus's lap, and saw his father yelling at God. His parents had found out that Colton was sick when one day he kept constantly throwing up.

This book in my opinion can answer many questions to which you want to know. However, the book is very controversial, since many Christians, pastors, and scientists have found many concerns regarding the book. I do encourage people to read the book, because everyone can learn something different from it.

Reviewed by AJ, Grade 10
Grandview Library 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell,  is the story of two young teenagers and the epic story of their first love. Park is a typical teenager, surrounded by stupid friends and well-liked. Eleanor is the new girl in town, and the fact that she wears crazy clothes and has huge red hair does not make it easy for her to fit in. Slowly, through their bus rides next to each other, Eleanor and Park begin talking and sharing music and comic books, and soon, they can't imagine their lives without each other.

Overall, the book was a good read and really cute. I liked the characters and how different they are from each other. I guess it's true, opposites do attract. I heard a lot about this book, so I was expecting an amazing book that I would never forget; my expectations were a little too high. The book is well-written and interesting, and it reminded me of the author John Green. I would recommend this book to teenagers who enjoy the romance genre.

Reviewed by Rebecca S., Grade 10
Glendale Central Library