Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynntells the story of Nick and Amy Dunne, a couple married for five years. On the morning of their fifth anniversary, Amy mysteriously disappears. Soon the police send out a notice of her disappearance and the whole town is getting attention on the media. Of course, if something happens to a wife, everyone's suspicion is aimed toward the husband. The discovery of incriminating clues along with Nick's emotionless facade soon turn the town against him and leads everyone to believe he murdered his wife.

Gone Girl is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. The author creates a brilliant, twisted plot that will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. Each character is multi-dimensional, with so many layers to unravel. Everything about the book keeps you guessing. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy the mystery and suspense genres. Gone Girl is not a read you will forget anytime soon.

Reviewed by Rebecca S., Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks

The Best of Me, by Nicholas Sparks, centers on Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier's amazing love story. They fall in love at seventeen years old and we watch not only them grow up, but how as their relationship grow so do the obstacles. Twenty years after they went separate ways fate brings them back together. We get to see them fight for real love, and how Dawson gives up everything for the love of his life, Amanda.

We all know Nicholas Sparks' novels are amazing, so it is obvious The Best of Me is not an exception. It is a beautiful love story and is not like any other love stories it is not predictable. The ending of the novel does have mixed reviews, but whether or not you like the ending the book is brilliant. You also have to keep in mind that his books are not fairy tales, they're reality. The Best of Me shows us a second chance in love and it is a novel you will remember forever.

Reviewed by AJ, Grade 10
Grandview Lirbary