Wednesday, July 4, 2012

True Believer, by Nicholas Sparks

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks is about a journalist named Jeremy Marsh. Jeremy Marsh lives alone in New York and is known as a workaholic. He is great at his job and enjoys exposing people who pretend to be something they are not. Recently he has just exposed a television psychic. He later receives news about Boone Creek, a small town in North Carolina that has its citizens seeing "ghosts" at night. Of course, Jeremy does not believe the story at all and sets out to this small town to disprove this citing. Little does he know that he will grow to love this town and the people in it. He spends all of his time in the library, studying and trying to figure out why the "ghosts" are appearing in this town. Jeremy eventually falls in love with a typical southern belle named Lexie Darnell, the librarian of the town. Lexie is an orphaned child who lives with her grandmother Doris who is the "psychic" of the time. Jeremy is doubtful about Doris' "talents" and dislikes the town of Boone Creek more and more. The people around him make him feel uncomfortable and he's not used to the atmosphere in the community. However, he decides to stay because he is falling for Lexie more and more even though at first she shows no interest for him and they are from completely different worlds. Will Jeremy find what he is really looking for or go home to the daily grind?

I would recommend this book to people who have the time to relax and want to pick up a good book. It's a story that captivates the mind's imagination and the author allows the reader to feel the emotions of the characters in the story. I would give this book a 4 out of 5. It depicts a good romance story with a mix of the importance of taking the time to love the little things around you.

-Reviewed by Micah, grade 9.