Monday, October 26, 2015

A Work In Progress, by Connor Franta

A Work in Progress, by Connor Franta, is a memoir based on a Youtuber's life, Connor Franta. Connor Franta is this big youtuber who has reached out to many people in society. He has done inspirational, comedy, vlogs and lifestyle videos. He is just a Minesota boy from a small town who is living in such a big world. Connor's book talks about many fascinating and inspirational aspect in his life. In the book we will follow his journey and adventures he goes through. He begins his journey from the beginning, the moments as a child. He begins talking about the life his parents had and how his life as a child was. In the book we slowly see how he came to love filming and the word creativity. Only some of us know the fact that Connor is gay and this fact is a big moment he goes through. He ends up explaining his journey of growing up and discovery. He discovers he is playing a phony life because he is not being his true self. He is going through confusion and through out the way he comforts us with words of wisdom and inspiration. The book is full awe because it has his personal interests and it is full of photography. Photography is one of his biggest hobbies so he demonstrates that my presenting that in his photos and book format.

I absolutely loved this book. This is my number one favorite book and nothing can change that. Connor Franta is the most inspirational person I've ever met. His book talks about personal aspects in his life, all his ups and downs. He gives us words of wisdom that he has observed and analyzed through out his 22 years of life. As I read I was discovering those aspects of life as well but I still learned new things about life. I personally love memoirs because it gives us the advantage of seeing what life is really like for them. They are not showing us an act or their mask. We are reading their experiences and thoughts, which is really personal. I personally believe we should all write our story. I am actually writing my own story for a special project of mine for school and I hope my book can inspire others some day. I recommend this book to young adults and adults. I believe they are truly going to enjoy it like I did. The book is beautiful full of colors and photos of his life. By the way is creativity is amazing so You should really check is book out, no regrets

Reviewed by Andrea V., Grade 11
Glendale Central Library

Oedipus, by Sophocles

Oedipus The King, is a play by Sophocles about King Oedipus and is gradual demise. After a plague has sweeped Thebes, King Oedipus vows to find the cause. After consulting the gods and prophets, he learns that the sickness will not leave the city until the murderer of former King Laius is caught. When Oedipus launches the investigation, little does he know that he is searching for himself.

Oedipus is such a good play and I’m so glad I read it. The constant irony is overwhelming and as the reader you can’t help but feel yourself bursting with anticipation because you feel like everything is obvious but the characters are just too dumb to realize it. The word play is also very creative. I would recommend this to anyone who loves Greek tragedies or enjoyed the play Antigone.

Reviewed by Nayri T., Grade 12
Casa Verdugo Library