Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Party by Tom Leveen

In Party by Tom Leveen,eleven different characters give their take of the biggest party of the year. It's just another Saturday night in Santa Barbara and everyone has plans to make an arrival to the end of the year party where most expect to let loose and have fun. Little did they know that it's going to be more complicated than that. For these teens their reason for being there differs and varies. As the story continues, their entire perspective and stories tie together to give you one crazy night that you and the characters will never forget.

I honestly loved this book. It had me laughing and turning pages so quickly as secrets were revealed and the drama continued. All the characters are unique and relatable. No two characters were alike and the whole story felt real. It's going to have you feeling as if you were at this party along with them. It's now one of my favorite books. Trust me , as the story progresses; you won't want to stop until you finish the book!

D.R., grade 9

Brothers in Arms, by Paul Langan

In Brothers in Arms  by Paul Langan , Martin Luna is a high school student who got in trouble. His little brother got shot by a bullet which wasn't planned for him. Martin was full of revenge. His mom did everything to her son in the right path, but the choice was Martin's. He can either be a good son and brother or pull the trigger and take his revenge.

So far this is the most interesting book I have ever read. This kept my interest from the beginning to the very end. I felt I was a witness in the story, like I was inside it. This book didn't bore me or make me feel like I was wasting my time. Eventually, I am very confident to recommend this book to everyone.

Alis B, grade 10

Monday, January 30, 2012

Crossed, by Ally Condie

In Crossed by Ally Condie which is a sequel to the greatly reviewed novel Matched, Crossed begins with Cassie starting her journey to find Ky in the Outer Provinces. The novel is told through both Cassie and Ky's perspective. Cassie's perspective provides a viewpoint of her journey to find Ky, while Ky's perspective provides a viewpoint on his life away from Society and more importantly away from Cassia. Once they find each other, they meet new people who help them to find a new world that they both thought were make believe. When all seems well, we find out Ky has a secret he is keeping from Cassie, and they are separated yet again.

A more action packed novel then the first, Crossed answered all the questions I had regarding the first book. I enjoyed the omniscient perspective and I'm sure other readers will too. Cassie and Ky's journey will keep you on your feet. This novel is filled with mystery and secrets as well as love and action. I look forward to the last novel in this trilogy.

Justine, grade 9

Matched, by Ally Condie

In Matched by Ally Condie, Cassie lives in the "Society," a society where everything is decided for you, everything from who you love to when you die. When Cassie sees her best friend Xander is her match she is thrilled, but everything quickly goes wrong when she see another face on her match screen, a face that is not Xander's. Cassie begins to question the Society. She begins to question everthing she believes in and realizes that maybe the Society doesn't know what is best for you and that you do have a choice.

An empowering novel, Cassie is a lone voice in a conformist society. I immensely enjoyed the theme of making a choice in this novel because choices are what we must make everyday in our lives. Along witht that, the novel also makes you think about the choices you should make. The novel creates a scene of hope when all things seem dire. This dystopian novel is a must read for all book lovers.

Justine, grade 12