Monday, January 24, 2011

Cut, by Patricia McCormick

In this book, Cut by Patricia McCormick, fifteen-year old Callie is so withdrawn that she refuses to speak to anyone including her therapist at the residential treatment facility where her parents and doctor sent her after revealing that she cuts herself. The story unfolds as we learn about Callie's problems. Her brother Sam has a serious illness that is potentially fatal. Because of Sam's illness, Callie's mother has become so worried that she rarely leaves the house. Her father responds by disappearing into his work or drinking. Callie's efforts to understand her true self and family contribute to her recovery with hope. In the end of the story, Callie recovers and returns to life, ending her battle with life or death but starting a new life filled with hope.

In my opinion, Cut by Patricia McCormick was a truly inspirational book. Everyday, millions of girls cut themselves to make themselves feel better. Callie sets a perfect example of hope and a chance to change. She encourages me that there is hope for everyone, but its all you. Callie is an inspiration and true hero towards girls all around us struggling with this problem, which is clearly getting more and more common. This book was inspirational and it was emotional. It make you smile, shed tears, and gives you hope.

-Reviewed by Anonymous, grade 9.