Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dewey, by Vicki Myron

Dewey, by Vicki Myron, is about a cat, Dewey, with a bad start in the world. On a cold night he was found in a library slot and he decided that the pain of frostbite would not keep him from thanking the librarian that saved him from his past. The Librarian did not save Dewey, Dewey saved the Librarian and the rest of the town as learned throughout the story. Dewey, the Library Cat, changed a run-down town to a place of love and affection. His presence warmed the hearts of the town and the visitors. I truly recommend this read because it warms the hearts of many and teaches readers that animals have an impact on a person's life. a library, and even a town. Once you open this book, your heart will grow for this lovable cat and you will wish you had a Dewey walking out of each character. This book would be good for someone who just wants a heart-felt story that teaches you how an animal can bring out the best in us and teaches us the true values of life.

-Reviewed by Katie, grade 9.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements

Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements, is about a boy named Bobby Phillips who is an average 15 year old boy. All of a sudden, out of the blue, Bobby waked up one morning and can't see himself in the mirror. There doesn't seem to be any reason for Bobby's condition and his physicist dad can't even figure it out. Bobby now can't go to school, have friends, and pretty much can't have a life. Then Bobby meets a girl named Alicia after sneaking out of his house. Alicia is blind and Bobby really enjoys talking to her and trusts her with his life. The school and people are trying to find out why Bobby suddenly disappeared, and if he's even still alive. This could lead his family into some serious trouble. Bobby must find out how to be seen again before it's too late.

Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements, was ultimately a fun read. I thought it was creative and fun. It kept me interested and flipping the pages. You really get to know these characters and their personalities. This book was well put together. I would recommend this to all ages and genders who like a fun read and can tolerate 250 pages. I looked forward to reading this book everyday and I hope you will, too.

-Reviewed by Logan, grade 9.