Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Ghostfaces, by John Flanagan

The six book in the “Brotherband Chronicles” follows the Herons on a journey to a whole new land. Hal, Stig, Thorn, and the rest of the herons get swept far away from Scandia and into the Endless Ocean by a freak storm while on a routine trip. Tossed around the rolling waves, a leak in one of the two water barrels makes a bad situation worse. The brotherband reaches land, but it’s nation or land that they know of. After saving two native children from a fearsome bear, Hal and his crew make friends with the tribe whose children they had protected. They then learn of the Ghostfaces, a fearsome tribe of raiders who haven’t been seen for years, are on the move again, and the Herons’ friends are a target. The clock is ticking, and group prepares to defend their new friends.

I think that The Ghostfaces, by John Flanagan, is a solid read, and a great addition to the series. There are a lot of twists and turns, with danger always around the corner. One aspect of the book is the emotional roller coaster that is Stig’s personal adventure with a young native woman who captures his heart. This is a view that hasn’t really been fleshed out in a Brotherband book, and it brings a lot of depth to the characters. The Ghostfaces is one of my favorite novels in the Brotherband saga to date, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed any of the other of John Flanagan’s books.

Reviewed by Eric L, Grade 8
Montrose Library