Monday, November 4, 2013

We'll Always Have Summer, by Jenny Han

We'll Always Have Summer, by Jenny Han, is the third and last one of the trilogy! This book i enjoyed because it basically skimmed through time and now Belly is in college and when she finds out that Jeremiah (Conrad's brother and Belly's boyfriend) had cheated on her she get furious and leaves him but he comes back with an unexpected surprise! Out of the blue he proposed to her! Since she's still in college and still a teen everyone begins confronting her and doubting her choice... On the day of the wedding she backs out because she had thought to herself,"What would Susannah say?" and after she had made her choice she had waited for years until her beloved came and swooped her off her feet at the rightest time! Can you guess who it might be?

 This book really opened my eyes to the true yet harsh reality that you can't really truly trust someone and that you always have to think before you make a difficult decision. I'm glad I read this because it truly taught me to not let distractions get the best of me and my education. I really recommend this to all teens who struggle through life that involves love! 

Reviewed by Alina O., grade 9
Montrose Library

Brothers, by Da Chen

Brothers, by Da Chen,  is about two half brothers who have the same father, a powerful general. Tan Long was born into a life of luxury and comfort while Shento was the son of the general's mistress. One is driven to glorify his father, while the other to seek revenge against him. Ironically, both fall in love with the same woman which makes their meeting inevitable.
This book was very entertaining, as it tells the story from both of the brothers' perspectives. I think teens will really like the book. It made me feel mind blown at all the scheming and plotting from the book.
Reviewed by, A,L., grade 9
Montrose Library