Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Ode to Edward Cullen by Stephenie Meyer

He can dazzle with his liquid topaz eyes,
But you should also expect psychotic car brake cutting times
Although a vegetarian with blood lust,
he can easily garner your trust
Glitters like a diamond under the sun,
sparkling vampires are such fun
Happy happy joy joy,
even though he believes he is eternally damned
I am quite a fan
Mr. Darcy 2.0, with tousled bronze hair and
A velvet caressed voice
Love’s an ignorant whiny brat,
Please, Dear God, make it stop
Born on June 20th 1901, a merry gift to the world at large
Edward Cullen owns my heart.

- Written by Ani K., 15, Teen Angst connoisseur.

[Librarian's note: Don't know what the fuss is all about? Read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight (book 1), New Moon (book 2), and Eclipse (book 3), and get on the request list for the eagerly anticipated fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn, releasing August 2nd!]