Monday, July 8, 2019

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Six boys, including a pair of twins, named Piggy, Ralph, Sam, Eric, Jack, and Simon become stranded on an island and they all need to work together to find solutions on how to get out of there. The boys must find ways to survive if they will ever get out of that island in the middle of nowhere. Being deserted with your group of friends may not be so bad unless you don't retrieve the things you need such as food or water. How will these boys survive? Will they make it out alive?

It was an okay book. I thought even though the story was detailed, it didn't really give a clear idea on what was happening. The details contained in it weren’t specific enough or crystal clear which meant that I couldn't understand it much and I started to get bored of it. This is a classic novel that was written years ago so classic lovers would like this story more than I would. Also, because this book contains violence due to the frustration these characters have, I suggest not using it as a bedtime story for your kids if you have some. Young adults and teens will find this tolerable. Even though I thought the book had so much detail, I liked that the details were jammed into 182 pages because I've read books before containing unnecessary detail in books around 300-400 pages long.

Reviewed by Hannah R., Grade 9
Downtown Central Library