Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Michael Vey: Battle Of the Ampere, by Richard Paul Evans

The book Michael Vey, Battle Of the Ampere, by Richard Paul Evans, is about a teenage boy with unusual electric superpowers. After the events of the previous book, the Elgen are furious with the loss of one of their power plants. The Elecrtoclan's new allies inform them that the Ampere, Elgen's base of operations, will be stopping at a port which will be the perfect time to destroy it and possibly end the Elgen and their threat to the world. Things however take an unexpected turn.

The book was very good. I'd suggest it to anyone who likes science fiction. The story was well written and conflicts are well presented. It is easy to understand and is a good book to sit back and enjoy after a long day. The characters are relatable and the book doesn't get boring even after an hour of reading it. I think its overall a good book and id suggest it to almost anyone.

Reviewed by Anton V., Grade 9
Montrose Library 

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Eye of Minds, by James Dashner

The Eye of Minds, by James Dashner is a story about a video game. A group of friends play a virtual video game where you are able to do anything you could ever want without consequences. In the game there is a terrorist of sorts that threatens to ruin life in the game. These three friends are set on a quest that leads them to the darkest corners of the game to find and defeat this player and save the game that they love so much. As they traverse through the various environments and settings they slowly come to find themselves in more and more dangerous situations until near the end where they have to make the ultimate choice.

In my opinion I think that this book is a very good and creative story with many amazing plots and twists. To be fully honest the book does start off a little slow and does not explain the details of the world very well. Other than that the story is perfectly written and the plot really draws you in if you make it past the first twenty pages. I was left in shock after the end of the book because the ending holds a twist that you would never think of. Over all I can highly recommend this book to who ever enjoys science fiction and thrilling plot twists.

Reviewed by Kevin N., Grade 9
Grandview Library