Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Light Years, by Emily Ziff Griffin

The book Light Years by Emily Ziff Griffin is about a girl named Luisa who struggles with differences that other people do not deal with. She can smell colors, taste sounds, and the things she sees have a temperature or touch. She is a lot different than other people and her life is more stressful because of it. She is very tech-savvy and has extraordinary coding skills. These skills led her to the final spot for possible association with Thomas Bell. Soon enough there is a very bad virus that spreads throughout the entire world. She gets a message that there is a way to stop it. Throughout the story, she learns new things as she tries to stop the virus.

In my opinion, this book was not so much for me. I prefer more happier books rather than sad ones. For me this book was not very pleasing because it was all about stress and the bad things that happened in her life. People who enjoy mysteries would like this book. I also recommend this book to teens who might have stress, maybe this can help them a little. They can learn a few things from it and use it to help themselves. From my perspective, I would give the book a four out of ten.

Review by JB, Grade 9
Grandview Library