Monday, May 23, 2016

Ticket Masters, by Dean Budnick and Josh Baron

Budnick’s and Baron’s documentary, Ticket Masters communicates about the development of the amazing concert industry year by year and how the public got scalped by various fooling companies. The book is extraordinary because of the authors’ serious and strict tone, and their reliable sources from interviews with CEOs of major companies. For example, the phrases “12 million dollar investment in Ticketmaster,” “$2.50 fee for printing at home,” “the ticket price is much higher than its original face value” and “$25 service fees” displays how horrible Ticketmaster is and how it earns most of its money, which is by placing annoying fees for no absolute reason.

The author’s solemn diction forced me to juxtapose ScoreBig (ticketing company that places no fees), where my internship was earned during the summer with Ticketmaster which places at least 3 different types of fees on a single concert ticket. I think that mostly adults would like this book because the book primarily discusses ticketing companies, which might not be in the interest of teens and young adults. I recommend Ticket Masters, by Dean Budnick and Josh Baron, to business owners because they will like the writers' critiques on other companies.

Reviewed by Siranush M. Grade 12
Glendale Central Library