Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by Mark Twain

Joan of Arc is about a young girl named Joan from Domremy, France. She begins to receive visions from saints and angels at a young age. Finally, God tells her to go to the Dauphin and tell him to give her his army so she could fight the English and get back French independence. Little does she know that there has already been a prophecy that a young virgin from Orleans will win the crown for France. She obeys and is able to pick out the Dauphin even though she has never seen him before. She is given a trial to see if she was really sent by God and they finally declare that she was. Joan is given the army and fights the English, winning back the French crown. However, she is captured by the English and is eventually burned alive by corrupt Catholic priests and bishops who think she is a heretic. Today, Joan is a renowned saint in the Catholic Church.

I actually enjoyed Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by Mark Twain, more than I thought I would. After reading this, I admire Joan because he is such a fearless girl: an example for all women. She bravely leads an army at 16 years old, trusting in God. I am disappointed that she was killed by Catholic priests, who are supposed to obey God’s law. They were corrupt and evil, and I think Joan was innocent. If she was working with the devil than she never would have prayed to God or received Holy Communion. It is sad that those of her own faith betrayed her.

Reviewed by SN, Grade 10
Downtown Central Library