Monday, May 6, 2019

An Ember in the Ashes, by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes written by Sabaa Tahir starts off with the main character Laia. Laia is part of the Scholar race in her country. She must become a slave at the Martial Academy so that she can spy for the Resistance in an effort to help to break her brother out of prison. Elias who is nice and very understanding to the harsh conditions in his country is a student and a Mask at the same Academy.

I An Ember in the Ashes written by Sabaa Tahir mainly because of one reason, and that is the main character Laia. She is a very nice and kind hearted character unlike the rest of her country that is very harsh and don't care about each other. She adds a different dynamic to the story and she does all she can to help save her brother. I would recommend this book to any young adult wanting to read a good book.

Reviewed by AB, Grade 9
Grandview Library

Winter, by Marissa Meyer

Jacin returns to Luna and tells Princess Winter that Princess Selene is Cinder and she is coming back to Luna. Cinder and her crew manage to sneak onto Luna by having Kai convince Levana that their wedding should be on Luna. Cress hacks into Luna's systems and uploads Cinder's message. Levana is jealous of Winter and tells Jacin to kill Winter. They fake her death and she escapes with Scarlet. The citizens of the town rebel once they see Cinder's message. Levana finds where Cinder and her friends are hiding. Cinder and Wolf are captured and took to the palace. Cinder attacks Levana on her wedding with the rest of the town citizens.

I like how the author creates stories based off fairytales, but it still has its own storyline. Winter, by Marissa Meyer, takes you through adventures of the Commonwealth and Luna. It has action, romance, and is science fiction. The book always kept me on edge for what might happen next. I recommend this book because of the relatable characters and interesting twists.

Reviewed by Rita, Grade 9
Grandview Library