Friday, March 25, 2016

Death Note volume 10, by Tsugumi Ohba

As Near’s suspicion grows more strongly towards Light, Mello selects a new partner in crime to monitor over the NPD. With both successors closing in, Light needs to cook up some clever plans and immediately. But it is no fun to have only L’s successors in the game; Light needs some successors to shape his ideal too. Light tries very keenly to pick and give the Death Note to a successor of his choice because now Mogi is monitoring Misa 24/7. But can Light trust another stranger with the notebook as he handles the role of L, his fiancé and a new girlfriend?

Light’s new successor is interesting with a unique characteristic just like Light. But I honestly think that Near is wasting time questioning and pestering the taskforce members like Aizawa and Mogi when he could be going a lot more deeper with the case. Though mostly throughout this volume of the series we just read about Near and Mello trying to get closer to the end of this case while making no progress at all. Death Note volume 10, by Tsugumi Ohba, has a lot of intensity only stirs up during the parts involved with Kira’s chosen successor and how he gets another woman to fall for him with his irresistible romantic act. I do dislike how he feels that women are too easy to get and merely has any respect for them while using them only for his needs and trashing them afterwards.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Death Note - Vol 8, by Tsugumi Ohba

In the book Death Note - Vol 8, by Tsugumi OhbaLight Yagami is back in action! Only this time he’s three times as bad and evil. He holds the identity of Kira, the new member of the NPA and the honorable title of L. Just when Kira extends his fingertips to reach for his ideal world hotheaded Mello kidnaps Sayu. Mello offers a ransom but the deal can only made by traveling across the world in the middle of nowhere. Light’s humanity s tested to see whether he would pause his plans for his ideal world and go after to save his sister from Mello’s mafia or just let her be murdered.

Two new successors of L are involved in the action to become Light’s new adversaries. Both Near and Mello may have unique habits of nonstop eating chocolate and the other playing with toys, but now it’s becoming like a mandatory tradition to have bizarre habits. I feel like the story is being taken way too far and crossing the line mostly after L’s death. Now Mello and Near are just a replacement of L, trying to become like him who is just irreplaceable. Its obnoxious how Near’s traits, especially, tries so hard to copy and become L with his messy overgrown hair, silent personality, weird position of sitting and instead eating food like L he plays with silly toys.

Reviewed by Ayesha, Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hunt for Jade Dragon, by Richard Paul Evans

Michael and his friends must rescue a Chinese child prodigy that has learned a way to create more electric children. Michael, Taylor, Ostin and the rest of the Electro clan head to China in search of the child who has discovered why Michael and his friends became electric. The name of this child is Jade Dragon. Jades IQ higher than any one in the world that has ever existed. Later we find out that Jade is a girl. Hatch is the other person that wants Jade but for himself only. He wants more electric children under his control. Michael and the clan have to first get Nichelle to help them fight Hatches electric children. Unfortunately the bad guy or Hatch gets to Jage first and now the clan has to rescue Jade from Elgen where she is being held prisoner in their Taiwan Starource plant. Now the electro clan has to free Jade before Hatch builds his army of electric children. This is the beginning of a journey that will lead to success for some and failure for others.

Hunt for Jade Dragon, by Michael Veyis a great book with a lot of interesting events taking lace. You are never bored while reading the book and want for more action. The author uses her fullest abilities to deliver the best book she can for us the readers. I kind of feel like we are being sucked to the author’s imagination were anything she imagines we feel. You can feel all the action like it’s a 3D movie. This a great book if you’re into movies about people with super powers. This book makes you become the main character like its real life.

Reviewed by Khachik, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library