Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Secrets of Boys, by Hailey Abbott

http://catalog.gpl.internal/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=13R1559E10E50.61418&profile=gcent&source=~!horizon&view=subscriptionsummary&uri=full=3100001~!676803~!6&ri=7&aspect=browse_search_page&menu=search&ipp=20&spp=20&staffonly=&term=Abbott,+Hailey&index=PAUTHOR&uindex=&aspect=browse_search_page&menu=search&ri=7#focusIn the book, The Secrets of Boys, by Hailey Abbott, Cassidy Jones has her summer all planned out; she and her BFF, Larissa, have jobs lined up at a super-trendy clothing boutique and her gorgeous, surfer boyfriend, Eric, wants her to spend time in the sand with him. Sadly, her ultra-organized and goal-oriented parents have decided she should spend her summer in an intensive language program at a university.

Can I just say how cute and romantic this book is? This book definitely will interest teenage girls. It has a plot that we can relate to and it never gets boring. It's also super easy to read. It's not one of those books that keeps you thinking for hours after you read it, but it still has a meaning. SPOILER ALERT There is this HOT TA that all girls will fall in love with while reading a description about him. Just Saying.

Reviewed by Iren H., grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Physics of the Impossible, by Michio Kaku

A truly revolutionary way of explaining the world of the impossible and letting us in on when our space fantasy of the future will arrive, Michio Kaku did the absolute best job of explaining the things that we only dream of. Physics of the Impossible classifies the impossibilities in three categories: class 1, which is in the near future, class 2, which are the impossibilities that will most likely show up in a century, and class 3 impossibilities, ones that might never be possible with the standard laws of physics. Taking us through time travel, parallel universes, speed of light travel, and force fields, it excites the reader of what the potential of physics really are.

As a physics enthusiast, I was one to love this book. It had exactly what I was looking for, an easy yet advanced foresight into the laws of physics and what can be done and what can't be done. Yet one very important thing I learned from this book was that, anything truly is possible, all that has to happen is a change in the laws of physics. It is really exciting to think that one day humanity will evolve into one that can be what only Hollywood movies are today. The potential of Physics is limitless when there are great minds to resolve these problems that we run into today.

Reviewed by: Arvin O., grade 9
Glendale Central Library

The Accidental Tourist, by Anne Tyler

Summary: Macon Leary is the protagonist in Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist. He and his soon to be ex wife are dealing with the recent death of their son, Ethan who was killed at his summer camp. Their loss puts a huge strain on their marriage, making them realize just how different they are, and helps cause their divorce. When Sarah leaves him, Macon takes his dog, Edward, to be trained by Muriel, who is a peculiar woman. During their training sessions, they get to know each other better and start going out. Macon is now stuck between two women. Should he choose his ex-wife who he's spent most of his life with or does he choose Muriel who has taught him to be more carefree?

Opinion: The Accidental Tourist was a very interesting book. I liked the way the author portrays Macon. Over time you grow to be attached to him and you can't help but feel sorry for him and his ways. There were some points in the book where it was hard to get through, especially in the descriptive parts. But when it's two characters just talking to each other like regular dialogue, it's addicting to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes love stories such as these. If you like Nicholas Sparks' novels you'll probably like this book as well.

Reviewed by Nayri T., grade 10
Casa Verdugo Library

Inhuman Remains, by Quintin Jardine

http://catalog.gpl.internal/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=13929Q09HJ640.20962&profile=gcent&uri=link=3100007~!1042341~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=browse_search_page&menu=search&ri=3&source=~!horizon&term=Inhuman+remains+%3A+a+Primavera+Blackstone+mystery+%2F&index=PALLTI#focusPrimavera Blackstone is a single mother living with her son after her husband died. Primavera had traumatic experiences in her past that make her very protective and attached to her son, Tom. Knowing she was a private investigator before, she gets pulled into a dangerous adventure by her Aunt Adrienne when she asks her to help her find her son, Frank. She finds him and finds out that he was into some shady business but Adrienne gets kidnapped and now they have to try to find her and save her in time before she is killed. As they try to make their way back to her, they encounter many difficulties and face a lot of danger. In the end, they may be too late to save her or themselves when they get into trouble.

I thought that Inhuman Remains, by Quintin Jardine, was a great book. It was mysterious and suspenseful at times. I also liked how the characters had an interesting background that was used to develop the story. The events that happened are also dramatic and they made me want to keep reading to find out what happened. I think many teenagers would enjoy reading it because it is an exciting book about adventure and crime. It made me think about the events that happened in the beginning of the book because of the twists and turns the plot had. Overall I thought that this book was exciting and I would recommend it to teenagers and above because there was some content that is unsuitable for younger readers. 

Reviewed by Kaylee, grade 9
Montrose Crescenta Branch