Thursday, June 25, 2009

City of the Beasts, by Isabel Allende

In City of the Beasts, by Isabel Allende, the main character Alexander journeys to the Amazon with his grandmother. On his action-filled adventure he goes from being an immature boy to a well-rounded man. He makes new friends and begins to understand the true importance of nature. Alexander learns how to respect the boundaries of nature, how to be a true friend, how to be a leader, and to put the interests of others above his own. Alexander travels throughout the Amazon with the National Geographic team in search of a legendary being called "the beast." Along the way he meets up with a tribe of Indians who ask for his help. This book teaches about how many Indian tribes in the Amazon are disappearing because outsiders cut down their trees and cause their land to be destroyed. This book is full of many unique characters, and Alexander finds out that the beast is not merely a legend. I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anybody who likes a thrilling adventure novel. - Reviewed by Jane, grade 9. .