Thursday, May 30, 2013

Halo: The First Strike, by Eric Nylund

Halo: The First Strike by Eric Nylund is the bridge between the first Halo game and Halo 2. It clears out many of the inconsistencies of the games and focuses on the time period after the events of the fall of Reach. The book follows the remaining Spartans and their battle to save Reach and get important military figures out, and take a strike against the Covenant. The book yet again follows Master Chief and Spartan Red Team to attack against the Covenant army and destroy on of their ships and to discover what the floating ring is spaced that is called Halo is and discover it's origins.

The book is a great one, it bridges Halo Combat evolved and Halo 2 together and clears the inconsistencies between them. It follows the same formula as the Fall of Reach does by going through the battles of the Spartans, I would recommend this book to any fans of the Halo series and any Sci-Fi fans out there. The only problems with the book similar to the fall of reach is that it has a lot of terms and words that would be more familiar with Sci- Fi fans, and people who have read other books similar to this one.

-Reviewed by Anonymous, grade 9.
Central Library

Halo: The Fall of Reach, by Eric Nylund

Halo: the Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund is about the Spartan II program and the origins of the Spartan super soldiers, and it focuses on how the Master Chief became who he is. The book describes the start of the human covenant war and how the planet of Reach falls. It focuses on the Spartan's training, becoming Spartans and their fight against the Covenant army. The book shows Master Chiefs Artificial Intelligence ally, Cortana and how she is born from cloning the brain of DR. Halsey and the first few fight with Master Chief and Cortana together before the setting of the games take place.

The book was good, I liked the extended background information the book gave about the origins of the Spartans, Master Chief and the human covenant war. I would recommend the book to any fan of the Halo Series and it deserves a read by anyone who is a fan of Sci-Fi novels and books. The book opens up for the next couple of books and is a great read to bridge between the first game and the start of the actual storyline. The only thing that I didn't like about the book is that it had too many big words and anyone who isn't familiar with Sci-fi terms wouldn't understand some of the things.

- Anonymous., grade 9
Central Library