Monday, November 2, 2015

Better Off Friends, by Elizabeth Eulberg

Macallan and Levi's friendship could be considered as a lot of things, but not smooth. A little hesitant to befriend the long, blonde haired new kid from California, Levi proves to be a very caring companion for Macallan. Hanging out after school on Wednesdays becomes their tradition, they both share a peculiar interest in a British comedy, and their families even become close. Contrary to popular belief, however, they're platonic. Their best-friendship is constantly under scrutiny as they can't seem to successfully have dates of their own and spend more time with each other than anybody else. This makes the pair question: are they more than just friends?

Better Off Friends, by Elizabeth Eulberg, is a fresh story of a classical tale in which best friends become more than that. Great for any teen, this story brings to the table view points from both the boy and the girl. This book, spanning from seventh grade to senior year in high school, is realtable to all of those ages. Although, it might be odd to read for people who may have friends from the opposite gender themselves. Sports teams also play a substantial role in this story which may be interesting to readers.

Reviewed by Alexis K.. Grade 10
Montrose Library

Selp Helf, by Miranda Sings

Selp Helf is written by a well know youtuber Miranda Sings, she makes videos on YouTube on a daily basis. Miranda Sings is a very funny person so in her book she writes very funny things and she makes really obvious spelling mistakes. For example the title (selp= self, helf=help) Her book talks about… EVERYTHING, like Career, Fatchen (fashion), Love, Self esteem, Dealing with Haters, Money as well as Magic. There are a lot of activities in the book like how to be a unicorn and how to know what to wear or get a boyfriend/girlfriend. Most activities include a lot of cutting and gluing things together. She talks a lot about herself and her many… many talents. In the intro of the book she implies you to thank her for all the help she is going to provide you with. She is also claims that she going to teach you how to be a better person in general.

This is a comedy book, so please don’t think your life is like how she describes it. In this book there are pictures of Miranda Sings, that she took and drew herself. Everything you see and read is humorous in this book. I would suggest to keep an open mind and good laugh while reading this book but don't rely on her to tell you what to wear on a date, hahaha!

I think the book is really funny and I would really recommend it to anybody who has a good sense of humor to get it and read it. It made me crack up and smile all the way through. Enjoy it! Bye

Reviewed by Aria, Grade 7
Pacific Park Library