Monday, February 10, 2014

Sharp Teeth, by Toby Barlow

Sharp Teeth, by Toby Barlow, takes the werewolf myth to new heights. It makes you question, "if there were werewolves, not just a single werewolf or a couple, but lots and lots of werewolves, what would they do?" In the novel, Toby Barlow believes that they would form packs like wild dogs, except they wouldn't be dogs, they'd be men. Sometimes, they'd be strong, intelligent, powerful men like, for example, lawyers. The most powerful individuals would become the alpha dog of a werewolf pack, grow the pack's strength, bind it together, and give it purpose. What sort of purpose? The same purpose any pack of wild dogs, or better yet men would want, power.

Sharp Teeth is truly a pleasure to read. It is a book about werewolves that roam Los Angeles and the drama, betrayal, love and loss that occurs among and between different packs. It also tells a love story about one werewolf who happens to fall in love with a dogcatcher. Mostly though, it's a story about identity, community and the things we do in order to feel like we belong somewhere, with someone. It's about all the things every book is ever about, but it looks at common themes from a fresh perspective, a werewolf's perspective. Normally I wouldn't be interested in a book about werewolves but this one was exceptional.

Reviewed by: Pamela Nicole Flores, grade 12
Central Library

Tiger's Voyage, by Colleen Houck

Tiger's Voyage, by Colleen Houck, summarize's Ren's journey as he breaks his tiger's curse. He is no longer the bengal tiger he's been cursed into for hundreds of years now but back into his natural form as an Indian Prince. Along the way, Ren looses memory of his love for Kelsey and she quickly becomes heartbroken. This was a turn I didn't expect the story to take, I felt more and more drawn in with every page. As the reader, you almost feel sorry for Kelsey because the author truly captures the hurt that she's feeling. Ren and Kelsey grow apart and Kishan has a newfound affection for Kelsey. By the end of the book, you're dying to know what will happen with Kelsey and Ren.

I think its a great book overall. It isn't your typical fantasy love story. There's action and suspense and love like no other. One moment you're stuck in a scene in the jungle and the next at the corner of your seat reading quickly trying to discover what will happen next.There's fights and arguments to beautiful poetry to hurtful feelings between each character. I was throughly entertained and satisfied with this novel. It only keeps me wanting to read more as each did before. This is one of four of the books, and third in the sequel. When I had finished the book, I was already running to Barnes & Nobles to get the next one immediately.

Reviewed by: Pamela F., grade 12