Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Steve Jobs - The Man Who Thought Different, by Karen Blumenthal

http://catalog.glendalepubliclibrary.org/ipac20/ipac.jsp?session=140365433NP88.30746&profile=gcent&uri=link=3100007~!1188904~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=browse_search_page&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!horizon&term=Steve+Jobs+%3A+the+man+who+thought+different+%3A+a+biography+%2F&index=PALLTI#focusSteve Jobs - The Man Who Thought Different, by Karen Blumenthal, is a biography of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., one of the largest companies in existence today. This biography explains the course of Steve Jobs, his colleagues, and Apple as a whole, from when Jobs was running his company out of his garage to when Apple became what it is today. It is truly an extraordinary story, and Blumenthal explains every aspect of it perfectly.

I personally loved reading this book. I liked it because it was so inspiring to read about a man who started from such humble beginnings and went on to create one of the largest companies around. I think anybody who wants to begin a company in the future will definitely like to read this book. This book made me think about the fact that anybody can become successful if they truly put their time and effort to it.
Reviewed by Alec S., Grade 10
Glendale Central Library

Monday, October 20, 2014

An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green

Colin Singleton, a brilliant prodigy, just graduated high school, and instead of being happy and carefree, feels depressed. This is because his girlfriend, Katherine, or K-19, dumps him. Colin has dated 19 girls named Katherine and believes every single one dumped him. His best friend Hassan takes him on a road trip to get his mind off things, and they end up in the town of Gutshot, where Colin meets Lindsey. Will Colin's tradition of dating Katherines end?

I really loved An Abundance of Katherines, by John Green! John Green is an amazing writer, so the writing was flawless and filled with beautiful, deep quotes. It was funny and never boring, the characters were so lovable, and it was just overall really cute. I would recommend this book to fans of John Green and teenagers in general. I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Reviewed by Rebecca S., Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

I Am The Messanger, by Markus Zusak

A young taxi driver, Ed Kennedy, accidentally stops a bank robbery, and he is considered to be a hero by many. Right after the incident, he receives a note in the mail telling him to go to three addresses. He goes there, and does good deeds there. He keeps on receiving addresses, and performing tasks. until the last note's address in his own house. Shortly after, he realizes that he is not a loser, because he has done things that he could not have done a while ago.

I liked I Am The Messanger, by Markus Zusak, but it does not rank among my top books. I found the idea interesting, but there were some problems with the book. For example, besides Ed, the characters are not really developed very well. The people he helped only appeared once in the book, basically. I would have liked to know how life worked out for them after Ed changed their lives. The ending was also disappointing and left me wanting more details. It did not feel complete.
Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 8

Grandview Library