Monday, September 18, 2017

Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

King Gaius now rules the three kingdoms, naming it Mytica as it was called before split into three kingdoms. But, now he aims for another great goal. More power. Actually immortality. He has forced poor people of Paelsia to build an Imperial Road. No one really knows why the king wants this road to be build and what for except King Gaius and the immortal watcher called Melenia who has been visiting him plenty of times in his dreams. According to Melenia, the road leads to the Kindred and the four of them can be located by the princess of Limeros, Lucia. Ruling all of Mytica was never enough for him anymore, all he wants now is immortality. Meanwhile, after capturing Auranos, killing the king of Auranos, the father of Cleo, he forces his son, Magnus to marry the princess only for showing the people of Auranos that he's treating their princess fair and she's safe. Cleor still hates Magnus for the tragedy happened in the past. He was the one who killed her beloved one, her only true love right in front of her eyes meanwhile she couldn't save him, she couldn't do anything for Theon. Cleo is sure that she'll get her revenge from all of them. She promised her father to take back her kingdom. All she needed was patience and perfect time, also power. Meanwhile, Jonas has been trying to save his people from the cruelty of King of Blood. He and his friend start leading a rebellion with a girl who they meet later while searching for more rebels to join them. Lysandra was her name and she was a good warrior. She hasn't seen her brother since he has been taken away for the construction of the road. That was why she decided to join Jonas and Brion, Jonas's friend. However, for the most of the time they keep failing and losing more and more of their men each time. Furthermore, at the castle, Lucia has been in a coma since she used her magic for the war. However, Queen Althea, the mother of Magnus and the wife of King Gaius, has kept her in coma for a longer time by using a potion, keeping her asleep without anyone knowing about it. While Lucia is in come, a handsome watcher who's older than her visits her in her dreams many times. His name is Alexius. Unfortunately, he is forced by Melenia to make Lucia fall in love with him so she can use her magic for her own aim.

As you can see, Rebel Spring is the second book of Falling Kingdoms series. The first book caused me to continue the story so I decided reading its second book. I believe more interesting moments happen in this book. I was more shocked, and surprised. I lived with the characters deeper than I did for the first book. I could feel more hatred, love, passion for the power, and fear. I liked this book for how the author arranged the chapters, and the storyline. What I really didn't like about this book was that King Gaius having the power and poor Cleo had to deal with it. However, this story is more like a reality than a happy endings fairy tales and that is why it has made it more interesting. This books is mostly great for teenagers and young adults. This book is awesome for those who love warriors, wars, archery, and kingdoms. After I finished this book, I was left in shocked and surprised, I couldn't wait anymore to borrow the third book from the library. I really recommend this book since it's full of adventures, willing for more power, hatred, love, passion, and fear. The Falling Kingdoms series has been one of my favorite nonfiction books I've ever read.

Reviewed by Orkideh Grade 12

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Attack on Titan, by Hajime Isayama

After the appearance of Titans, Humanity was left to hide behind the walls of the last human stronghold where they would know peace for 100 years. But Titans, the enormous humanoids that live only to kill and eat humans, have finally broken into the city and threatened humanity's existence once again.

Attack on Titan, by  Hajime Isayamais a very intriguing read, never really giving the reader a full explanation, but enough to understand what is happening. From the beginning, we are thrown into the action with no lengthy introduction. Mysteries are presented to us left and right, making us really read between the lines. This method of story-telling leaves the reader engrossed in revealing all the secrets there are to not only the story presented, but to the world and its lore. Not all of the characters are believable or relatable, but the twists this series presents to us more than makes up for it.

Reviewed by Matty, Grade 12
Montrose LIbrary