Monday, February 24, 2020

Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore

James has just met his hero. Dave Moss, a legendary Cherub, and a superstar on campus, Dave Moss is the guy that James has been looking up to since he's been there. Now, just days after they've met, they must break a kid out of prison. This kid is the son of an international weapon smuggler, and Cherub is hoping to bring them down. The criminal in question is an American black market arms dealer that has crossed onto British soil. Will Dave, James, and Lauren be able to take down Jane Oxford?

This book is midway between top tier Cherub books, and bottom tier Cherub books. While all of the books in the Cherub series are always good on the first read, some of them get less enjoyable the more times you read them, and I think this book is just okay after the first couple reads. I would definitely recommend this book If you are at all interested in the Cherub series, and I would also recommend this book if you're just looking for a good semi- realistic book to read. The whole Cherub series is a blast to read, so i highly recommend that you do.

Reviewed by Julio B., Grade 10
Central Library

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