Wednesday, April 1, 2020

2018 Christmas with Southern Living

The book "Christmas 2018" by Southern Living is a great book for new Christmas decorations and recipes. It showed many modern ways of switching up your old recipes and decorations. It had many tips and tricks of how to Diy your Christmas decorations, for example making decorations out of appliances that you already have in your home. Many different ways of making old recipes into new for example making a using different seasoning to roast your chicken. Great book for wanting a change in your Chrismas decorations and recipes.

The book "Christmas 2018" by Southern Living was one of the best cookbooks I've ever read. I love Christmas. This was very helpful for having new dishes at your Christmas dinner to share with friends and family. One of the best recipes in the book was the brown butter-roasted branzino because my family doesn't eat red meat. It also gave me some decorations ideas like how to decorate your Christmas table, how to fold the napkins and have a theme for the table decorations.

Reviewed by GH, Grade 8
Glendale Central Library

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